ATR-2 Youth


The ATR-2 with advanced ODS has evolved to provide improved performance in both linear and angular acceleration mitigation and is also easily rebuildable for a potentially longer service life. This improves rider safety and saves the consumer money.

Note: some models are in limited supply.


2021 Model


2021 Model


2021 Model

6D ATR-2 Youth Features

Rebuildable ODS System:

Patented Omni-Directional Suspension® (ODS®)

Improved ODS design mitigates Angular and Linear Accelerations

Replaceable Inner EPS Liner

Multi-impact EPP Outer Liner incorporates Isolation Damping Towers

Rotational Energy Management Disks reduce Angular Acceleration

Superior low, mid, and high velocity impact mitigation

Air-Gap Ventilation System with 17 Transfer Ports



Removable, washable comfort liner features Genuine Dri-Lex® anti-bacterial fabric -Emergency Quick-Release Cheek Pads

PU-over molded EPP lined chin bar includes Sternum Pad

Goggle band integrated shell recess at the eyeport area improves goggle fit and seal

Shear-Away Visor Screws designed to reduce angular acceleration potential -Nose guard provides improved roost protection

Titanium D-Rings -Light weight with improved center of gravity (+/- 1250 grams Size M) -Exceeds DOT, ECE, ACU and ASTM Standards -3-Year Limited Warranty



Optimized compliant light weight Tri-Composite Shell provides superior energy absorption

Rear lower shell incorporates compliant zone at the cervical spine location

Brow Rib increases shell integrity above the eyeport

Clavicle Cut-Away provides increased clearance

9 Intake Ports and 6 Exhaust Ports work in unison with the Air Gap Ventilation System

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