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The ATR-1Y is the only premium helmet designed specifically for youth riders and is the ideal choice for MX and BMX competition.  Incorporating all of the amazing benifits of 6D’s revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension technology, this helmet has no equal.

With softer multi-density EPS materials, and softer isolation dampers that offer superior protection to the child’s still-developing brain and skull.  The helmet is smaller, lighter, and more compliant than the adult helmet and is certified to both DOT FMVSS 218 and ECE 2205 standards.

Note: some models are in limited supply.


6D ATR-1 Youth Macro Neon Orange


6D ATR-1 Youth Macro Titanium

6D ATR-1 Youth Features

The 6D ATR-1Y off-road helmet incorporates the revolutionary Omni-Directional Suspension™ (ODS™) technology, which is a patent-pending kinetic energy management solution. ODS™ is designed to protect your brain over a broader range of impact energy; particularly the low-threshold energy prevalent in most accidents. Low-threshold impact energy is the primary cause of concussion and secondary impact syndrome. Independent laboratory testing also confirms a significant reduction in angular acceleration energy with ODS™. Angular acceleration is the primary cause of rotational brain injury, which is a potentially deadly and life-changing impairment.

The improved performance of 6D's exclusive ODS™ technology can reduce the likelihood and propensity of concussion over traditional helmet designs. Although no helmet can protect you from all potential impacts or injury, the 6D ATR-1Y was engineered to provide active free-motion capability within the helmet's protective liner and exceed current relevant helmet standards.

  • ODS™ (Omni-Directional Suspension™) technology reduces angular acceleration and improves low-threshold energy compliance significantly.

  • Air-gap technology™ for greater ventilation.

  • Shell - advanced aerospace composite of carbon fiber, fiberglass and Kevlar - is light and strong.

  • Large eye port opening for maximum visibility.

  • Rear delta vent - evacuates air by creating a low-pressure venturi effect.

  • Clavicle cut-away - reduces both mass and weight, while providing increased clavicle clearance without sacrificing strength.

  • Fully compatible with all neck braces.

  • Titanium "D" rings and chin strap rivets.

  • Removal, washable comfort liner - genuine CoolMax™ anti-bacterial fabric.

  • Shear-away visor screws.

  • Stainless steel screens protect all shell openings.

  • Exclusive 6D™ graphics.

  • Three-year limited warranty.

  • Exceeds DOT and ECE standards.

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