Why Dabomb



What are you waiting for? DA BOMB is always fully armed!!!




In 1998 DA BOMB was founded while we were perceptible ourselves enthusiasm on extreme cycling stunts and had a wish kept in mind simply, it was to look forward a way combining our profession, experience and great ardor to business, DA BOMB established is to facilitate all the bikers pursuing dreams.



More than 18 years passed, in order to optimize a sensation of cozy from riding stunts, DA BOMB works on a motto thoroughly “We ride it, so we design it !”, since then DA BOMB extracts opinions from self-staffs bikers as well as from all overseas sponsored athletics, DA BOMB turns all impossibilities over to unbelieves.



DA BOMB strongly insists in all the products presented base on integration of technologically innovative hardcore CNC machining and aesthetics wherever on color use or structure design to ultimately enhance performance. All the components as frame, stem, seat post, handlebar, pedal, saddle, clamp, grip, headset, hub and rim set embraced from each of DH, FR, Slope Style, Enduro/AM, Dirt Jump and XC are prerequisite as a full collection from DA BOMB to domain the territories of Extreme/MTB/off roads bikes, and this is the target we are always toward to.



Have a little crush on DA BOMB 2019 new weapons yet? Prepare your mind blown away!






A flat top and 4.8mm raised bottom handlebar

Hydro-forming tube

ARTILLERY is a low rise handlebar with 740mm width, especially design for 29er and 27.5 AM and Enduro bikers, rise 4.8mm without upsweep, this is providing a lower gravity center to have more stable rides.


  • Colour: green, black

  • Weight: 276g

  • Width: 740mm

  • Backsweep: 9°

  • Bar Rise: 4.8mm

  • Barbore: 31.8mm

  •  Material: AL6061 hydro-forming tube





When you hear the name of Detonator, you must be thinking how cool this handle bar is? The Detonator focuses on the strength of the bar and the techs’ at Dabomb spent day and day working on this bar and it finally came out. Although we switched the bar bore to 35mm but we still have the same weight and the bar rise is 18mm which has lower riding posture.



  • Material: AL 6061 T6 double butted

  • Bar bore: 35mm

  • Bar rise: 18mm

  • Backsweep:9°

  • Upsweep: 5°

  • Width: 800mm

  • Weight: 397g

  • Colour: Red ,White, Yellow, Blue, Green





Downhill Handlebar What a badass weapon?? The BAZOOKA is always the most wanted toy for boys back to high school and once you own it, then you are the boss.



  • Colour: Black,Royal Blue,Shiny Gold,Shiny Silver,White,Neon Yellow

  • Weight: 402g

  • Width: 800mm

  • Upsweep: 5°

  • Backsweep: 9°

  • Bar rise: 12.7mm (0.5”)

  • Bar bore: 31.8mm

  • Material: AL 6061 T6 double butted





This item is an upgrade version from HELLFIRE, engage a special process of bending to have a tolerance offset 15mm, this function included is without increasing seatpost weight. When mounting a saddle, there are various angles available by 2 bolts adjusted to reach balance. 


Weight lightened

Additional function of 10mm offset

Various angles are adjustable


  • Colour: Black

  • Weight: 278g

  • Size: 30.9mm and 31.6mm

  • Offset: 10mm

  • Post Length: 400mm

  • Material: AL 6061-T6 3D forged




Thruster is a bad ass seatpost that weighs only 284g and it is using the 3D forged technology which make the seatpost stronger. Compared to other seatpost, the thruster comes with 27.2, 30.9 and 31.6mm which give you more options to select.


  • Colour: Black

  • Weight: 284g

  • Size: 27.2/30.9//31.6mm

  • Length: 350mm

  • Material: AL 6061 T6, 3D forged​





BULLET CLIP, CNC machined pedals, are following trendy to reduce their thickness and eventually only 10mm/pc measured with superlight featuring out. Free vent design that spindle end is not exposed outerly, this design is going to prevent water and dirt intruding to last BULLET CLIP’s life.


Free vent design

Extreme thin

Replaceable anti-slippery steel pins with a convenient wrench included


  • Material: AL6061-T6 CNC machined

  • Each piece including one sealed bearing with one DU

  • CR-MO Axle

  • Platform: 97mm*108mm

  • Thickness: 10mm

  • Weight: 356g/pair

  • Colour: Black, Blue, Red





Made by die cast is more affordable for bikers. 9mm thickness is ultra thin that offers bikers having the truest feeling on pedaling and the superlight design which only weigh one pair of SHOOT BLOCK in 352g.  Engage anti-slippery pins and diamond grain surface to reduce scrapes caused whatever left on biker’s feet or pedal itself. 


Die casting saddles

Extreme thin

Replaceable anti-slippery steel pins with a convenient wrench included


  • Material: Die cast AL6061-T6, ED coating colors, PAD printing logo

  • Each piece including two sealed bearings with one DU

  • CR-MO Axle

  • Platform: 100mm*105mm

  • Thickness: 9mm

  • Weight: 352g/pair

  • Colour: Matte Black, Gloss Red, Gloss Blue, Raw

Dabomb Bicycles





Different materials definitely give you different feeling when you are pedaling. This time, Dabomb issues plastic pedal material and just weight only 350 gram.

Ultra light plastic pedal
Gorgeous thickness
Nylon Fiber made
Cr-Mo axle, Smooth rolling ball bearings


  • Thickness: 15mm (super thin fiber)

  • Platform: 100mm x 100mm

  • Weight: 350g/ pair

  • Colour: Black, Green, Orange, White



Double side design for MTB clip-in and flat pedal, made by CNC machined with extreme thin as 12mm for thickness to reduce weight. The clip-in side with 6 pins to fit your shoes.,


  • Material: AL6061-T6 CNC machined

  • Anodized Colors

  • CR-MO Axle

  • Bearing: LSL bushing & sealed

  • Binding: Cr-Mo Single-sided, tension adjustable

  • Platform: 100mm*110mm

  • Thickness: 12mm

  • Weight: 467g/pair

  • Color: Black, Blue, Red



Die-Cast One Piece Pedal            

Durable, Strong and Economic Type

With Replaceable pins

Painting Surface Treatment


  • Material: Die-cast Alloy Body Pedals

  • Axle: CNC Machined Cr-moly Spindle

  • Size: 111*108mm                                               

  • Bearing: Loose ball bearing

  • Thickness: 17mm

  • Weight: 450g/pair



ASPECT has low profile design giving XC bikers the realest feelings, PU design makes the saddle looks pretty cool, material density foaming fabric strengthens its structure and gives bikers more cozy rides.


Low profile design


  •  Material: High frenquency embossing PU Cover, nylon fiber injection base, high Density foam.

  • CrMo Rail: 7mm w/dual color process

  • Weight: 241g

  • Colour: Gloss black/matte black, Neon yellow/matte black,Gloss black/white


DJ The key point to win the battle is to have a good saddle that can tide you up on the bike and zapping the enemies for you. ZAP comes with anti-slip material that doesn’t slide you away and it weights only 257g.

Anti-slip Suede material covered


  • Material: PU Synthetic leather (white)/ Suede (black)/ Suede (Blue)

  • Cr-Mo Rail: 7mm

  • Weight: 251g (black/blue) 257g (white)

  • Colour: Black, White, Blue



Street/Dirt Jump

Chain Tensioner

New micro adjustable roller system

Multi-segment tension adjustment


In order to reduce noise and vibration, RL-5 is an upgrade version from RL-4 to adopt springs reflecting higher tension on chainring.


  • Weight: 122g

  • Colour: Black

  • Rear sprocket: 12T-18T




Street/ DJ

Chain Tensioner New micro adjustable roller system Convert a vertical drop-out frame to single speed


  • Weight: 86g

  • Colour: Orange



Changing the cassette can be annoyed sometimes and this is why Dabomb created the 9 to 1 PRO kit. This kit can convert a 9-speed hub cassette to a single speed kit which saves you lots of time and works.

Max Support Type
Convert a 9-speeds hub to a single speed kit


  • Include: two spacers, 16T & 18T , and a lock ring

  • Weight: 130g

  • Colour: Black, Orange





It is always good to have the grip with lock on clamp so that can secure the intention. The Bon Bons features with slip-free design and it’s easy to install. Once you see it, then you can’t wait to get one.



  • Alloy Lock-on Clamp

  • Rubber compound

  • Slip-free pattern

  • Length: 135mm

  • Weight: 115g

  • Colours: Black (+ orange lock rings), Red (+black lock rings)





The performance of the BON BONS is really great due to the professional design of knobs which can absorb the impacts very well. With the special rubber material, the surface doesn’t slide at all. It doesn’t matter whether you want to do some magic or tricks, the Bon Bons will be easy to conquer


  • Rubber compound

  • ID: 22.2mm,

  • Length: 140mm

  • Weight: 108g

  • Colour: Black, Blue Orange, Purple, Red





Having a cool grip that has skull engraving is not an easy thing and it makes people jealous all the time. Why do we call this Holy Shit? Cause it is holly shit.

DaBomb Solid Skull pattern
Alloy double-lock-clamp design
Out layer soft Kraton rubber, inner plastic shell


  • Length: 130mm

  • Weight: 100g

  • Colour: Black, White




The Bom Fender is a muck catcher to prevent mud and crud hitting your frame, also protecting you and your frame from stones and small rocks.. 


The blade is cost effective, extremely light and thin and simple to install and removable.

Color: Black or White

(one pack including 2pcs same color fenders)



The Fireball is a unibody pedal equipped with super-grippy replacement pins. The pedal is rigid, precise, and ultra-resistant. Whatever is your riding style, the Fireball will be be there to support you, without any compromise! 


  • Material: Die-cast Alloy Body Pedals

  • Axle: CNC Machined Cr-moly Spindle

  • Size: 111*108mm                                               

  • Bearing: Loose ball bearing

  • Thickness: 17mm

  • Weight: 450g/pair





New diamond knurl pattern improves grip and gives the superior comfort, Da Bomb embossed logo.

Single clamp lock-on design and reinforced soft ends


  • • Material: Anti-slip patterned rubber compound 

  • • Clamp: Alloy lock-on

  • • Length: 135mm

  • • Weight: 110g

  • • Available color : Black , red, neon yellow


Simple, efficient and light: the SCG is a tough chain-guide that will prevent any chain drops

Easy installation & adjustment with a single tool (4mm hex)

No need to remove your crank for assembling/disassembling

Suitable for oval chainring

  • Material: Nylon/injected carbon fiber

  • Compatible with: 9-11 gears system

  • Compatible with: 28T to 36T chainrings

  • ISCG-05 mounting pattern

  • Weight: 28g 

Replacement Upper Guide


The GSX is a chain guide, bash guard & chain tensioner.

The GSX will prevent chain drops,

it will protect your chain from big impacts and the

detachable lower roller will act as a chain tensioner.

  • Material:CNC-machined alloy 

  • Compatible with 9-11 gears systems

  • Compatible with 28T to 36T chainrings

  • ISCG-05 mounting pattern

  • Weight: 118g

Replacement Lower Guide Kit

Replacement Upper Guide