HIGH PERFORMANCE VEHICLE WASH // Motoverde Vehicle Wash is a professional product that is gentle on your vehicle and kind to the environment. This advanced formulation provides a powerful, penetrating, super foam action which releases the correct level of active cleaning agents to ensure perfect results every time! Removing traffic film, mud, dirt and grime including algae, black rain marks, tree & leaf residue, bird droppings and flies. Product comes with Mixer Sprayer.

Why use it?

  • Product comes with Mixer Sprayer.

  • Fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging.

  • Motoverde Vehicle Wash is 100% salt-free, with no corrosive components in the product making it the safest cleaner on the market!

  • This product is concentrated. As it is accompanied with the Motoverde Mixer Sprayer, your product will be diluted for you automatically at a rate of 40-1!

  • The Mixer Sprayer means cleaning your vehicle could not be easier! No bucket, pressure washer or electricity is required; all you need is a water hose and a sponge or vehicle brush.

  • Completely safe to use on all surfaces including paints, carbon fibre and alloy wheels. Also contains UV protection to protect your paint colours from fading in sunlight!

​Instructions for use:

  • Connect the Mixer Sprayer to your hose pipe.

  • Turn the White switch on to enable water flow.

  • Turn the Blue switch on to activate the product into the water flow.

  • Cover your vehicle in foam & turn both switches off.

  • Agitate with a sponge or brush.

  • Turn White switch on ONLY and rinse your vehicle with water.

  • For best results use Motoverde Wax Rinse following.

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