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MRP Suspension


new for 2019


new for 2019

MRP does suspension? That's right!

For over a decade, MRP crafted White Brothers Suspension products at our Grand Junction, Colorado factory. For 2014, we're proud to consolidate our suspension line under the MRP brand - three letters synonymous with PERFORMANCE, QUALITY, and INNOVATION. But it's not just a new brand, it's our broadest and best suspension line-up yet.

MRP suspension offers exclusive technology, features unmatched adjustability, and delivers performance other manufacturers reserve only for their factory racers.

These are the detials that make the difference.

The Ramp Control unit is located within the air spring assembly, and adjusted via a 16-position knob on the top of the fork leg. Ramp Control gives you the ability to adjust, on-the-fly, the air spring's ending-stroke curve. Part high-speed compression damping, part bottom-out control, Ramp Control is completely independent of your damper or air spring pressure settings. All MRP forks feature super-supple small-bump compliance, but with Ramp Control you can set your fork up to be super plush but still resist bottoming. Cadillac-plushness not your thing? Dial back the Ramp Control and up your pressure to enjoy a more linear fork that rides high but uses every inch of travel effectively.

QtapeR combines the simple functionality of a quick-release with the stiffness, control, and security of a through-axle.

The “taper” in QtapeR comes from the tapered, conical interface found in the dropouts that mate to the wedges found on the axle mechanism. In contrast to quick-release through-axles that simply pinch the hub between the dropouts, the QtapeR axle’s wedges drive into the conical dropouts and expand with the closure of the axle cam – effectively mating the axle, dropout, and hub in harmony. For those familiar with pinch-bolt through axles, the QtapeR works essentially the same way – but with no tools needed.

MRP suspension products are delivered with a feature you can't see, nor adjust, but is obvious on the trail, Quality Assurance Plus.

QA+ varies depending on the product, but a few of the QA+ procedures include:

ONE-BY-ONE ASSEMBLY MRP suspension forks are built to order in our Grand Junction, CO facility. Our technicians assemble - by hand, start to finish - chassis, damper, axle, and all other parts into complete and finished products. 

BUSHING SIZING Traditionally reserved for other brands' factory racers only, every MRP fork has it's bushings sized and reamed during assembly to exacting tolerances. Properly sized bushings give you that "broken-in" feel straight out of the box, virtually eliminate friction, and prevent unnecessary wear.


DYNO VERIFICATION OF DAMPER, SPRING, and OTHER FUNCTIONS Before any sealed-damper MRP suspension fork or shock leaves our facility, using a cutting-edge suspension dyno our engineers verify it's functionality to specific, exacting standards. This ensures MRP suspension products consistently perform and guarantees you're getting the best.

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