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Published on Jul 27, 2015

As both a dirt rider and editor for a national brain injury magazine, I'm passionate about helmet design. Here's my review of the 6D helmet after wading through a lot of research and also test riding the ATR-1 for enduro and endurocross. I can't conclusively say it's the world's best and safest dirt bike helmet, but all the evidence is definitely pointing that way for off road, dirt and enduro riders. It's now my helmet of choice whenever the riding is going to be fast and hard! Visit their website for more info:

I've been general editor of Australia's national brain injury magazine, Bridge, for 12 years. I've always had an interest in helmet design and safety but actively got involved after a good mate got a serious brain injury two years ago on one of our dirt rides. Since then I've been involved in the push for helmet standards reform within Australia, and also a push for updated helmet standards internationally.

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