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MRP's SXg Global Release is all GO!

You know what’s missing from your 1x drivetrain?

Protection and security. Somewhere in the rush to simplify our drivetrains, we all dropped the formerly ubiquitous bash guard. On top of that, we put all of our trust in newfangled chainring tooth designs that promised drop-free performance.

Now a few years into the 1x revolution, we’re finding our naked drivetrains don’t take nicely to the rocky, technical trails we enjoy at the speed our high-tech carbon wonder bikes encourage us to go.

Not only that, we’re tired of replacing our chains and chainrings every few hundred miles simply so we’re not constantly putting our chain back on trail side.

Make dropped chains, damaged chainrings, and any worry that your chain isn’t on your ring as you sprint out of a corner, a thing of the past.

Enhance your ride with an MRP chainguide.

To learn more about this new Chainguide Click Here


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