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KTM’s Toby Price has dominated Stage 8 of the 2016 Dakar Rally

KTM’s Toby Price has dominated Stage 8 of the 2016 Dakar Rally, with a fourth stage win and now leading the overall rankings.

Price was completely in his element with an exceptional ride, beginning 3’12” behind Goncalves, this mornings rally leader, only to triumph at the finish line leading by 5’17”.

The KTM Rider has now taken command of the general standings, leading by 2’05”.

Stage 8 was split into two parts, the first containing lanes of earthen tracks and the second requiring genuine navigation over sand and rocks.

“The first part started out with nice big open roads, dropped a little bit of time there but it’s a pretty fast track. I was looking forward to the second part where it’s more technical and more difficult, suited me pretty well with the sand dunes there, I did some doubles and triples which makes it pretty fun,” Price said.

Price’s climbing confidence in his navigation throughout the Rally has supported his stage wins.

“Last few days I’ve done well with navigation so I’m feeling more confident, but in saying that there’s guys that have raced Dakar for ten years that have made mistakes so we will wait and see,” Price said.

Price is now the frontrunner for the marathon Stage 9 trek through Belen.

“We pushed through and navigated well which felt good, everything at the moment feels really good,” Price said.


1. Toby Price – AUS, 04:33:14 2. Paulo Goncalves – PRT, 04:38:31 3. Pablo Quintanilla – ESP, 04:39:46 4. Stefan Svitko – SVK, 04:14:16 5. Kevin Benavides – ART, 04:41:20


1. Toby Price – AUS, 27:28:56 2. Paulo Goncalves – PRT, 27:31:01 3. Stefan Svitko – SVK, 27:43:10 4. Pablo Quintanilla – ESP, 27:50:22 5. Kevin Benavides – ART, 27:54:51


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