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KTM’s Toby Price has propelled himself into racing history, becoming the first Australian to win Gold at the prestigious Dakar Rally.

A fourth place finish in the Stage 13 Special was all Price needed to ensure his Dakar Victory; finishing first by a 39’41” margin.

“I don’t know what to say, I don’t know what to think, it hasn’t quite sunk in yet – I’m just stoked to be here to finish and to finish first I never would have thought that would have come in my second year. Thank you for my family and friends and everyone back home in Australia for their support it has been amazing, it’s unreal,” Price said.

Price has blown out of the water all hopes and expectations as the first Australian in any category to win gold.

“To be the first Australian to win Dakar in all divisions is crazy, it’s insane. 2 years ago I never would’ve thought I would be doing this, to finish is a win in itself but to be standing on the podium is unbelievable,” Price said.

The KTM Racer told the media that the Australian attitude has helped his remarkable performance.

“I think we had a lot of laidback aussie attitude, we just took each day as it came and did what we needed to. The days we needed to push on the marathon days we looked after the bike the most and we were consistent on the navigation which is where it paid off for me. It’s an unbelievable feeling that’s for sure,” Price said.

Price has given the highest praises to the KTM Riding team for their work throughout the Rally.

“To get here to the finish, that’s the main goal and just to get through each day is another. We did that, we did it consistently and the bike has been good and the team has worked awesome so I’m over the moon it’s an unbelievable feeling,” Price said.

Price is looking forward to heading home for a break, but is already thinking about the 2017 Dakar.

“Hopefully this is just the beginning, the confidence will grow and more experience will make it better and better and we will have a few more Dakar wins to come, but after this one they definitely can not come easy that’s for sure,” Price said.


1. Pablo Quintanilla – CHL, 01:57:27 2. Kevin Benavides – ART, 01:53:08 3. Helder Rodrigues – PRT, 01:54:04 4. Toby Price – AUS, 01:55:49 5. Stefan Svitko – SVK, 01:57:51


1. Toby Price – AUS, 48:09:15 2. Stefan Svitko – SVK, 48:48:56 3. Pablo Quintanilla – CHL, 48:58:03 4. Kevin Benavides – ART, 49:04:02 5. Helder Rodrigues – PRT, 49:04:59

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Toby is a USWE Team Rider


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