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At the beginning of the 2016 Dakar Rally KTM’s Toby Price is in the lead at the completion of Stage 2.

Stage 1 was cancelled due to the unavailability of safety helicopters in the poor weather conditions.

“We had a good run through as a fast stage and it suits my riding style so we put a good time in,” Price said.

Price lead the other 132 riders in the trek from Villa Carlos Paz to Termas Rio Hondo.

“It’s definitely tricky in some spots, some of the turns in there got really sharp in some points and you really had to be on your game to make sure you aren’t making mistakes,” Price said.

The stage win has put Price in a prime position for what is expected to be a similar ride tomorrow.

“Navigation kicks off on day 4, we will work on that to make sure we are all good and minimize mistakes so we will are good to go,” Price said.

Price is the first to claim a stage win and is a strong contender for the remainder of the Rally.

“It’s a long way to go, we need to make sure we get through the first week then hopefully by the second week we are in a good position to push from there,” Price said.

Price is now in preparation for the beginning of tomorrow’s Stage 3 from Termas Rio Hondo to Jujuy.

“We’re hoping for a podium that’s for sure, we just have to wait and see. Hopefully everyday goes good for us,” Price said.

Toby is running USWE Hydration in this years Dakar.

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