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Toby Price Dakar 2018

Red Bull Dakar Rally rider Toby Price, ended stage 3 in 3rd place, despite having a small crash during a large sand dune drop off. Toby could have potentially gone even quicker, but the small accident unfortunately filled his road book with sand, which meant he had to ease back on the pace a little bit.

Unfortunately he also suffered from a time knock back at the end of stage 3. He was slapped with a 5 minute, reason for this penalty is still pending. After finishing in 3rd place the time penalty means he dropped to 10th position. Resulting in his overall positioning falling to 8th from 4th.

With a bit of luck, the power of the USWE Hydration packs will get him back on track. Toby Price has been part of the USWE team since 2015, hopefully we can get a repeat of his fantastic win in 2016. Anything is possible!


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