AMA 2018 Season Kicks Off

As many will know the AMA season is in full flight, with the first three rounds already done and dusted, but not without a few twists and turns along the way.

Round 1 was one hell of a race with Eli Tomac crashing out while he was leading the race. If that wasn't bad enough he scored himself a decent shoulder injury for his efforts. Dean Wilson also decided to follow in Eli's footsteps and managed to obtain a shoulder injury also. However, there was a silver lining, round 1 saw the return of Ken Roczen after injuring himself almost a year ago, he managed to get amongst it all and finish 4th. This round was also brought in an adjusted points system, where first place received 1 point, second 2 points and so on, hoping to mix it up a little and get everyone talking.

Round 2 saw the AMA travel to Houston, which to many was a surprise and a welcomed change to the usually coastal race locations. Houston was a slightly more technical track and was quite a step up from the opening rounds layout and technicality. Eli Tomac and Dean Wilson pulled out of the race, closely followed by Marvin Musquin, who took a dive over the bars and joined the shoulder injury club. Left standing was Ken Roczen, Justin Barcia and race winner Jason Anderson.

Round 3 saw the return of Eli Tomac, who went on to win the race and seat himself as the current championship leader, followed by Cole Seeley in second and Jason Anderson in third. These short technical and intense tracks took a lot of the front runners by surprise resulting in a mixed standing at the end of the round. Marvin Masquin had to pull out of the final moto and resulted in his result of 13th.

Overall the new format and track layouts were well received by spectators. This makes for an interesting season, already seeing a few of the fan favourites and front runners getting caught off guard. AMA 2018 is going to be one to keep your eye on!


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