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Farm Jam 2018

In the centre of the Southland, New Zealand, exists a farm owned by Brett and Dan Frew. Every two years they rally some of their closest friends and invite them to join them tearing it up on their homemade jumps. A group of good friends, having a blast on their bikes, big and small. The atmosphere was different from the previous event. In 2016, Kelly McGarry passed only days before the event, which left an overlay of sadness and emotions for everyone involved. 2018 was a completely different event. There were some insane tricks pulled off and it was as if people were back to being themselves and the quality of riding really underlined how the riders were feeling. However, the one element out of their control was the weather, which put a stop to the push bike events on the Friday. Not for long though, as the sun came out later in the event and dried out the jumps ready for more Farm Jam action. The planned events went on far longer than scheduled, showing just how much fun 2018's Farm Jam really was. Podium places were decided by the riders voting for their top 5 favourite tricks performed by their fellow riders.

If you haven't seen it, make sure you checkout Matt Jones' back flip!

The final results from Farm Jam 2018 were as follows:

Mountain Bike. 1. Matt Jones 2. Lewis Jones 3. Ray George 4. Carson Storch 5. Conor Macfarlane Best Trick: Matt Jones Best Style: Ryan ‘R-Dog’ Howard Motorbike. 1. Andrew Jackson 2. Tyler Bereman 3. Jake Bowen 4. Josh Sheehan 5. Stu Ewing Best Style: Lewi Woods Best Whip: Tyler Bereman Best Trick: Josh Sheehan BMX 1. Logan Martin 2. Kyle Baldock 3. Mike ‘Hucker’ Clark 4. Joe SImpson 5. Mike Ross Best Trick: Kyle Baldock Best Style: Kris Fox


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