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We are extremely excited to begin our new partnership with Michel and the team from the East Coast MX series. The partnership is aligned with our goals to increase our support of grass roots motorcycle riders. We believe it’s vital that we support all levels of motorcycle riding, not only to promote this amazing sport but to give every rider the opportunity to experience the thrill of racing with their mates and a platform for future riders to establish their racing careers explained Maxima brand manager Trent Cramer.

The East Coast MX Series has established itself over the last 9 years not only as grass roots level but also the premier junior/senior amateur series in NSW. Grass roots can mean many things, but we see it in the way riders have grown up racing the East Coast MX Series over the years. Michel from ECMX series, “most of these riders started racing East Coast MX in 2012, riders like Joel Wightman, Aaron Tanti, Johnny Bova, Riley Dukes, Rhys Budd, Jy Roberts, Josh Whitehead, Cooper Posniak, Blake Hollis, Benny Novak and Brock Ninness just to name a few. There are also past MX champions like Matt Moss, Jay Marmont, Todd Waters and Luke Clout that have made appearances as well as some rising stars in recent years like Heath Davy and Blake Fox”.

“We have had sponsors like KTM that have supported the East Coast MX Series since its inception in 2012, and then new sponsors like Maxima Racing Oils that have just come on board with us this year to build the future of the East Coast MX Series” explained Michel.

Round 1 of the series was held in the ACT on 7/8th of March and was able to be completed with a fantastic attendance. The remainder of the calendar is fairly spread out over the coming months, which should allow us to see some racing during these complicated times.

We look forward to seeing you all at the track in the very near future!


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