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Return To Riding!!

Now that the tracks are starting to open and people are getting back out, make sure you’re all stocked up on the safest and most effective products on the market.

What are riders’ essentials?

From our best-selling Arm-Pump product to help make that first session back a little bit easier (and for the bath they need afterwards), to our Goggle & Helmet products, Grime-Away/Fog-Away/Rain-Away to make sure goggles are prepped for any condition (as we know how quickly the weather changes)! What do they need to make the clean-up easier? Our day 1 Bike Wash product does the job, or alternatively our biggest selling product – Snow Foam, providing THE easiest clean you can buy. Don’t forget our Drivetrain Cleaner to remove all the dirt and grime from chains, alongside our Air Filter Cleaner to make the worst cleaning job less painful! Finally, a clean is not a clean without After-Shine! After-Shine will dry, polish, and protect their ride in one, making the next clean so much quicker, whilst making their pride and joy look like new again! Anything else? A day’s riding can’t be started without the ride being prepped! Our PTFE Chain Lube is all that is needed to keep one of the most important components performing all day long – as nothing sticks to it, so there is no need to re-lube at any point, no matter what condition! Don’t forget, our Alcohol Hand Gel and Anti-Bacterial Surface Cleaner – both already flying out for customers and our stockists to keep everyone safe during these times. Our Hand Gel is not like the cheap supermarket products where your hands feel sweaty and you have to flap them around to get them dry! It is a rapid-drying product that leaves hands feeling fresh.


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