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Why you should swap to a salt-free cleaner!

Why use Pro-Green MX and not other brands? Why are our products different to others? Why do we choose to be different to other brands? We are sure these are some of the main questions you have regarding our brand and our salt-free message, so we would like to answer some of these questions ? 

Here at Pro-Green MX we are the proud researchers, developers, and manufacturers of the ‘Premier Salt-Free Cleaner’. Everything within our range has been designed and produced by us, solely with you and your expensive toys in mind! A small, family-run business, based in Coventry, we are now in our 8th year and we are extremely thankful for all your support in helping our brand grow over these years. Each year we are incredibly passionate about growing bigger, spreading our message wider and of course continuing to keep your rides looking and performing like new for longer!

I think the biggest question of all is – why is being salt-free important and how does it make a difference? Our products are designed with your ride in mind, meaning they are free from any harsh chemicals that can affect the look and most importantly, the performance of your expensive machine. What do we mean by this? From your bikes to your alloy wheels and jet-ski parts, the majority of these are metal based (especially bikes being around 85% metal). All forms of salts, acids and alkalines which form the ingredients of any other cleaning product on the market, are naturally corrosive to all metal items!

Meaning that over time, when you miss bits of chemical in hard to reach areas, this will damage and deteriorate the look and the performance of your parts which are of course essential and expensive.

Think of it like a motorcycle – you know you need to clean it to remove road salts, but actually you are then cleaning it with the same ingredients that cause similar damage, yet you have paid for it!? It is the same with washing your car/van etc with washing up liquid or similar – it is completely loaded with salts, hence why you see so many streak marks when these types of products have been used – the streaks are in fact billions of salt crystals!

This is the absolute key reason as to why we are salt-free – because we are incredibly passionate about our products, ensuring everything we do is at its maximum potential before we release it to provide you and your pride and joy with premium quality, at the fairest price that we can. Yes, our products do cost more to produce due to the ingredients all being at the top of their spec, however, as you know, you get what you pay for. Why should you spend money on cleaning products that then actually cost you more money on damages, such as destroying your expensive alloys or even worse, corroding and breaking down your parts? 

For more information on why you should swap to a salt-free cleaner, check out our previous blog post that covers the harm salts and other harsh chemicals can do to your ride!

Why you should swap to a salt-free cleaner!

It’s well known that riding your bike in sea water would harm your bike, just like riding on road salts… So why would you care for your bike with salt containing products….?

What does “salt-free” mean? Salt-free means that our products contain 0% salt related ingredients, which ultimately means that there are no corrosive components within our formulas that can harm your bike itself or any of your bike parts.

What do salts do to my bike? There are many types of salts, however they are harmful when they come into contact with any parts of a bike. Although issues may not arise after one wash, over time you will notice your paints may fade, plastics become dull, rubber seals become brittle and parts may seem to breakdown quicker than they should…

The biggest issue bike owners have with salts is that they are corrosive. Corrosion is a chemical reaction with metal – a common metal used on bikes is aluminium, in fact the majority of bikes are aluminium based. Unfortunately, using a cleaner containing salts and water speeds up oxidation (the corrosion of aluminium). Once aluminium is corroded it cannot be undone. It is better to protect your bike by using the correct products and salt-free cleaners, as well as cleaning your bike as quickly as possible if it has come into contact with any salts in the environment.

How do I know if I am using a salt-free cleaner? In the UK, Pro-Green MX products are the only 100% genuine salt-free cleaning products available on the market. However, there are a couple of ways for you to be able to see if your cleaner contains any salts.

1. Check the ingredients – as an example one of our main competitors bike cleaner label states “<5% EDTA and Salts Thereof” this is stating that there are corrosive salts in the product.

2. Check the wash time – if the product can only be in contact with your bike for a short period of time this is because there are harmful components in the product – a common instruction is leave a ready to use bike cleaner on for no longer than 3-7 minutes, which is a very short period of time, and unrealistic – our cleaner can be left on all day/night/week/month/year if you wish & no damage will be done, even if used neat! However 15 minutes is more than enough time to get your bike shining.

As the manufacturer of ‘The Premier Salt-Free Cleaner’ we strongly advise every bike owner to consider swapping to a salt-free cleaner to keep your bike looking and performing like new for longer and to save your bike parts from ageing before their time.

Pro-GreenMX – your ‘Premier Salt-Free Cleaner’

• Fully bio-degradable & recyclable

• 0% corrosive salts with a streak-free finish

• Tough on dirt, gentle on bikes

• Made by Pro-Green MX, in the United Kingdom


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