ULTIMATE SHINE AND PROTECTION // Aqua-Shine is a specially formulated ready to use blend of silicone emulsions that are designed to leave your plastic and metal parts looking like new with a high-gloss finish and a non-sticky protective layer. Product comes with trigger. Available in 5LTR

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Why use it?

  • Product comes with trigger.

  • Fully biodegradable with recyclable packaging.

  • Designed for use on plastics, metals, aluminium, carbon fibre and titanium. Also matt-finish friendly!

  • Use whilst your ski/boat is wet! After-Shine contains a self-levelling formulation which evens out areas of uneven application as it dries, leaving your ski/boat streak-free whilst dispersing excess water in the process!

  • Provides your ski/boat with a micro-film of protection, making your next clean easier and quicker!

  • Will not leave a greasy film.

  • White spots/water marks will dry to protective film as oppose to directly onto paintwork, saving the stress of removal!

​Instructions for use: