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Pro Green MX Arm Pump

Pro-GreenMX Arm-Pump is a natural muscle oil made from 100% pure botanical essential oils that are designed to relax and soothe your muscles during training/racing.

It has been a year since we dropped an epic video that answered the biggest question regarding our product Arm-Pump, 


DOES IT WORK? Featured in this video is a vast range of riders of different levels from different sports and even parents! Including, World Champion Motocross riders, British Champion Motocross riders, a 5 x World Champion Jet-Ski pilot and a 5 x British Quad champion, all highlighting what they use the product for and how it helps them. Here is a summary of some of their quotes, but make sure to check out the full video:

– ‘I have less pain and less Arm-Pump’.
– ‘I use it at night-time to help me sleep and relax my muscles’.
– ‘Just as good as a sports massage’.
– ‘It does what it says, it helps with Arm-Pump’.
– ‘I could get through my 20-minute motos with no Arm-Pump’.
– ‘It helps to ease the pain when I am riding’.
– ‘Has really helped to take the edge off and loosen up my arms’.
– ‘I use it on my knees every night to release the pain’.
– ‘If I had this stuff, I wouldn’t have had to have the Arm-Pump operation’

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Remember, there is no cure for Arm-Pump! However, we have found a way to prevent it, and prevention is better than cure right!? So how does it work?

For best results – apply the night before training/racing (5 drops to each forearm) and again first thing in the morning. Following this, repeat 30 minutes before each session. As the product is a massage oil and contains pure essential oils (a blend of relaxants and anti-inflammatories), the oil soaks through your skin and into your bloodstream. The relaxants keep your muscles relaxed so your blood and oxygen flows as it should, preventing the pump! It can also be used directly post your session to relax the muscles quicker ahead of the next session. However, it is not just for Motocross, it can be used for any sport and on any muscle area!

Now, the best part. It is not just for Arm-Pump! Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, it can help with all aches and pains, muscle injuries, joint issues and even arthritis! So, if you have back ache, issues with knees, tennis elbow, arthritis, this can help with the pain that occurs. Again, just apply 5 drops to the relevant area in the morning, at night and at any other point if able/in discomfort. You don’t just need an injury or issue to use it, if you have had a tough session/day racing or competing, you can use Arm-Pump to help boost and stimulate the recovery process so the aches the following day are less than they would be!

How effective can it be? For example, we have had one of our rider’s grandparents struggling with their knees, unable to walk the dog and requiring an operation. After starting to use Arm-Pump, they can now walk the dog twice a day without having an operation! That for us is why we spent 2 and a half years developing this product, FOR YOU!

How else can it be used? It can also be used as a massage oil, to soothe headaches (rub directly on your temples), and the best part – in the bath! Put 10-12 drops of Arm-Pump in the bath after a tough session/day racing, or even a long day at work and you will be completely relaxed (resulting in an amazing sleep), and as you are in the bath, your pores will open and the anti-inflammatory properties will directly target any inflamed areas, helping to soothe any aches and pains, whilst enhancing the recovery process, leaving you much fresher the day after as oppose to being stiff and sore!

Curious to see it being used by a Pro-Motocross rider or a British Superbike rider? Then check out the below how-to-use videos:

So, there you have it, that is Arm-Pump! It is one of our proudest achievements to date as our passion is focused on helping you, and we are so stoked to have been able to help so many people enjoy their riding more or even to enjoy life more without aches and pains!

Check this out on the Arm-Pump product page!

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