MUD AXE // Specifically designed to make removing excess mud quicker and easier, Risk Racing’s Mud Axe is an essential for your kit bag ahead of muddy sessions!

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Why use it?

  • The head of the Mud Axe is shaped to make quick work of mudguards as well as hubs and wheels.

  • The pick of the Mud Axe is designed for clearing foot pegs, brake pedals, engine bays, suspension linkages, and any other tight spot that mud finds its way into!

  • The arched design of the Mud Axe makes it great for scraping the inside of your mudguard while keeping your hand out of the mud!

  • Made with an overmolded rubber handle to ensure a firm and comfortable grip.

  • Mud Axe is an extremely robust tool that is constructed of a heat resistant glass reinforced plastic composite. This makes it incredibly durable and completely safe to use on hot engines and exhausts.

  • Removing excess mud is essential to maintaining the performance of your bike. Excess mud will negatively impact your bikes power, suspension tuning and overall handling, in addition to overheating your engine