Designed for: Bike Park / Freeride / Enduro


The Bartlett is in it's own unique class being at home on long-travel all-mountain bikes, freeride or bike park rigs. The dual-crown design provides space efficiency over a single-crown, allowing longer travel at shorter axle-to-crown lengths, as well as stiffness and steering precision.We took features from our award-winning Ribbon and added more! You'll get the highly-tunable FulFill air spring, low-pressure IFP damper, PSST pressure relief valves and the Outcast arch design. In addition to our Ramp Control technology, the Bartlett also features Huck Pucks - threaded spacers that attach to the Ramp Control allowing you to further tune your air-spring volume.

  • Specifications

    TRAVEL: 170mm, 180mm or 190mm

    WHEEL SIZE: 27.5”, 29”


    WEIGHT: 5.5 - 5.7 lbs.

    SPRING SYSTEM: FulFill independent positive & negative chamber system


    Positive air-spring pressure, negative air-spring pressure, 8-position low speed compression, 16-position Ramp Control and rebound

    INTERNAL ADJUSTMENTS:Travel (5mm increments), spring volume

    OFFSET: 49mm (27.5")
    51mm (29")

    BRAKE MOUNT: 180mm PM

    AXLE: 15x110mm, Bolt-on

    AXLE-TO-CROWN: 575mm (27.5" at 190mm travel)
    593mm (29" at 190mm travel)

    COLORS: All black chassis with 9 decal color options

  • Part no. / Type / Travel / Colour

    WB183500104285 27.5" 170MM BLACK/ORANGE

    WB183500104286 27.5" 170MM BLACK/CYAN

    WB183500104287 27.5" 170MM BLACK/RED

    WB183500104288 27.5" 170MM BLACK/GREY


    WB183501104285 27.5" 180MM BLACK/ORANGE

    WB183501104286 27.5" 180MM BLACK/CYAN

    WB183501104287 27.5" 180MM BLACK/RED

    WB183501104288 27.5" 180MM BLACK/GREY


    WB183502104285 27.5" 190MM BLACK/ORANGE

    WB183502104286 27.5" 190MM BLACK/CYAN

    WB183502104287 27.5" 190MM BLACK/RED

    WB183502104288 27.5" 190MM BLACK/GREY


    WB183503104285 29" 170MM BLACK/ORANGE

    WB183503104286 29" 170MM BLACK/CYAN

    WB183503104287 29" 170MM BLACK/RED

    WB183503104288 29" 170MM BLACK/GREY


    WB183504104285 29" 180MM BLACK/ORANGE

    WB183504104286 29" 180MM BLACK/CYAN

    WB183504104287 29" 180MM BLACK/RED

    WB183504104288 29" 180MM BLACK/GREY


    WB183505104285 29" 190MM BLACK/ORANGE

    WB183505104286 29" 190MM BLACK/CYAN

    WB183505104287 29" 190MM BLACK/RED

    WB183505104288 29" 190MM BLACK/GREY


    Note: Colour Option Example = Black (Fork) / Orange (Decal)




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