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SXS TRANS is a high performance transmission and gearcase oil designed for use in modern side-by-side vehicles. SXS TRANS is engineered for use in straight-cut gear cases and transmissions (NOT designed for use in hypoid-type gearcases). SXS TRANS' unique additive system offers ideal friction performance for transmissions and is suitable for use in wet rear brake and transmission/clutch systems. SXS TRANS reduces fluid drag and improves power while extending gear and bearing life. Advanced anti-wear and extreme pressure agents deliver unsurpassed protection for highly loaded gears and contact points, ensuring smooth, trouble-free performance. SXS TRANS is fully formulated to protect against wear, foam, rust and corrosion for extended usage periods.


  • Ultimate protection for SXS trans and gearcases
  • Robust anti-wear additives for highly loaded surfaces
  • Rust & Oxidation protection during storage periods
  • JASO MA2 specifications
  • Excellent in wet brake systems



For all air and water-cooled 2-cycle and 4-cycle transmissions with wet clutch systems. Also, designed and tested for wet brake systems. Not for use in Hypoid type transmissions or differentials.


SAE GradePremium
SAE Viscosity80wt
Color D1500Light Amber
Viscosity cSt @ 40°C D227063.45
Viscosity cSt @ 100°C D22708.57
Viscosity Index D2270125
Density D4052N/A
Flash Point °C D92465
Pour Point °C D92






Maxima SXS Trans Oil

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