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MAXIMA ATV PREMIUM 4T is a superior petroleum ATV specific engine oil featuring advanced additive technology. Advanced anti-wear, anti-shear additives ensure this product is viscosity stable for 4-cycle engines with integrated transmissions. This formula also has extra anti-scuff additives to handle extreme loads and peak temperatures in high performance engines. Strong Anti-rust & corrosion additives resist the formation of moisture. JASO MA2 / API SL.


  • Premium Petroleum Base
  • Reduces friction & engine temperatures
  • Viscosity Stable
  • Anti-wear & Anti-scuff additives
  • Reduces engine wear
  • Superior engine cleanliness
  • Anti-rust & corrosion
  • ATV Specific
  • Formulated for “Wet” clutches
  • Exceeds JASO MA2 and API SL specifications


For all air and water cooled ATV 4-stroke engines. Safe for use in wet clutches and transmissions.







Maxima ATV Premium

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