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COOL-AIDE is an additive formulated to reduce engine temperatures and provides significantly better contact on heated surfaces allowing for greater and more efficient heat transfer. Can be used with straight water or mixed with coolant/antifreeze to achieve better cooling efficiencies. Cool-Aide does not offer freeze protect when used with straight water. Non-slippery if spilled on paved surfaces. Approved and safe for use in most racing applications.

Also available: 64oz. Ready-to-Use version with deionized water.


  • Powerful concentrate
  • Approved for racing on paved surfaces
  • Increases cooling capacity & efficiency
  • Glycol, Nitrate, Amine, Borax Free!
  • Protects against rust & corrosion
  • For 2-cycle or 4-cycle liquid cooled engines
  • 100% Biodegradable in its unused form
  • Can be mixed in straight water or coolant/antifreeze



For use in all liquid cooled engines. Mix 3% concentrate in straight water or coolant/antifreeze. Use when increased cooling efficiencies are needed. When mixed with water, Cool-Aide is safe for use on paved surfaces when a non-glycol based fluid is needed for competition.


Color D1500Pink
Boiling Point °F212 (100°C)
Freeze Point °F-32 (0°C)







Maxima Cool-Aide Conentrate

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