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Spectro's Air Filter Oil technology provides a significant step forward in filter function: its “High Tac” synthetic formula traps and holds dust, even after hours of vibration exposure. With Spectro Air Filter Oil, dust can’t work its way through the filter the way it does with other aerosol products. Use with SX Filter Cleaner for complete filter maintenance. Fast, easy to use — won’t dry out, stays active. Ideal for all OEM and aftermarket air filters. (Do not use on paper types — only on foam or cloth types.) Super tacky “High Tac” technology traps and holds dust.

Filter Oil

10 Oz Net Weight (12/Case) H.FILTER



The ultimate time saver, an invaluable piece of maintenance equipment, Spectro Filter Cleaner is an emulsifying agent that picks up and slicks away water soluble grease and oil— and leaves the filter squeaky clean. Use in all off-road competition motorcycle air filters, except paper types. For best results, use in combination with Spectro Filter Oil. No fumes, no flame hazards, works its wonders in a bucket of warm water.

Filter Cleaner

12 Oz Net Weight (12/Case) H.FFC

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