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The Tamer Weekender is our entry-level model, providing 50mm (2″) of bump-absorbing travel. Its telescoping design and simple set-up makes it the perfect compliment to your new bike that comes with a standard seatpost.


Add some comfort to your new bike! You’ll be glad you did.



  • Length – 350mmSuspension

  • Style – Spring and MCU with 25mm of preload adjustment

  • Travel – 50mm

  • Diameter – 25.4mm

  • Maximum Insertion – 125mm from centerline of seat rails to top of seat tubeColor – Silver

  • Warranty – 1 year

  • Weight – 480 grams

  • Seathead – Offset, 1 bolt clamp system



Perfect for the weekend warrior, competitive cyclist, or anyone who prefers a more traditional look, the Post Centric is our best telescoping seatpost with features not found on competing brands.


Post Centric boasts aluminum construction with all new lightweight chromoly shaft and bushing design for stiction-free performance.


The bane of most telescoping designs is side-to-side play, but with Tamer’s exclusive patented Anti-Swivel system, it can be quickly eliminated should it develop. Maintenance is easy, unlike other designs, Tamer’s Directional Lube system allows the user to apply lubricant without disassembly.


  • Length – 350mmSuspension Style – 3 piece MCU with 25mm of preload adjustment

  • Travel – 50mmDiameter – 25.4mm and 27.2mm

  • Maximum Insertion – 140mm from centerline of seat rails to top of seat tube

  • Warranty – 2 years

  • Weight – 410 grams (27.2), 380 grams (25.4)

  • Seathead – Centered, 2 bolt micro-adjust

  • Features  – Anti-Swivel and Directional Lube System




The Pivot Plus is the flagship of the Tamer suspension seatpost line, designed for ultimate comfort and performance in every condition you can throw at it.


The pivoting action allows for a very responsive ride, eliminating any stiction. The internal spring delivers constant action and controlled rebound.


Tamer’s hollow pin system gives easy access for lubricating the pivots without disassembly of the seatpost.


The Pivot Plus Road offers a different leverage ratio that is more reactive to the smaller obstacles of road riding.


  • Length:

  • Pivot Plus XC: 350mm or 400mm Pivot

  • Plus Road: 250mmSuspension

  • Style – Spring with 25mm of preload adjustment

  • Travel – 65mm

  • Diameter

  • Pivot Plus XC 400mm: 27.2 350mm: 25.4, 26.8, 27.2

  •  Pivot Plus Road: 27.2

  • Maximum Insertion – 83mm from centerline of seat rails to top of seat tube

  • Warranty – 2 years

  • Weight

  • Pivot Plus XC 400mm: 480g 350mm: 460g

  • Pivot Plus Road: 440g

  • Features – Pin Lube System and Internal spring ride control.

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