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VuPlex was designed for use within the demanding aviation industry and delivers a fast, safe and effective solution to plastic maintenance.


The ingredients in VuPlex have been specifically selected and tested to deliver fast high quality results with the minimum of effort and fuss.


Some cleaners use abrasives to remove dirt and scratches, this not only introduces more scratches to the surface but over time weakens the plastic through constant plastic removal. VuPlex works in reverse to this process by penetrating the dirt and grime in the surface and adding a fine layer of filling material that leaves the surface protected and adds a lustrous finish to clear and coloured plastics, helping plastics gleam like new.


A preventative as much as a cure!

If VuPlex is applied when plastic is new, it protects the surface from premature ageing. If the surface is already damaged with fine scratches and in-ground grime, VuPlex will restore the surface and clarity, leaving a finish that is polished and protected.


How it works.

  1. VuPlex works using five functions in one quick action..

  2. It cleans using safe ingredients that won't damage plastic surfaces.

  3. It applies a fine coating of wax that gives the surface protection from micro scratching.

  4. The wax acts as a barrier against water (hydrophobic) and other atmospheric conditions that cause ageing and break down of clarity.

  5. Static, that is built up in the plastic surface and attracts other abrasive material such as dust, is controlled by VuPlex's anti-static properties.


VuPlex polishes to high shine and restores the luster and "new look" to the surface. The finish is not sticky or greasy and can be achieved in mere seconds.


What can I use VuPlex on?

There are almost limitless applications for VuPlex. Although VuPlex is designed for a specific purpose (clear and coloured plastics) VuPlex can be used on polished metals, painted and glass surfaces.


Try VuPlex on...

  • Aircraft

  • Windshields and Canopies

  • Instrument Fascias

  • Leading wing edges

  • Boats

  • Acrylic and Polycarbonate

  • Windscreens

  • Clear Vinyl Windows etc.

  • Windows

  • Instrument panels

  • Goggles

  • Jet Skis

  • Motorcycle

  • Helmet Visors

  • Polycarbonate windshields

  • Painted surfaces

  • Polished metals

  • Goggles

  • Automotive

  • Window tinting

  • Dashboard & interior trim

  • Stone-guards

  • Headlight protectors

  • Clear coated alloy wheels

  • Caravans

  • Acrylic windows

  • Vinyl windows

  • Bench tops

  • Clear or Coloured Acrylics

  • Aquariums

  • Windows

  • Spas

  • Storm windows

  • Outdoor Vinyl blinds

  • Around Home and Office

  • DVD's & CD's

  • Outdoor PVC blinds

  • Stainless steel

  • Granite bench tops

  • Computer monitor screens


Make sure you contact your local dealer for a few cans of VuPlex.



Available Sizes:

  • 375 Gram

  • 200 Gram

  • 50 Gram

The new 50 Gram Spray is ideal for your backpack, glove-box, pannier bag, and is just the right size to carry with you for when you need to clean that grubby screen, visor etc

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